Batteries are here for Californians, but homeowners are missing out

August 8, 2023

Team Haven

From residential solar to widespread EV adoption, California has always been a leader in incentivizing smart energy choices. In recent years, the state has turned its attention to a new kind of workhorse: home batteries. Batteries prevent power outages, lower monthly electric bills, and help build a cleaner power grid. And today, they're the most accessible they've ever been. The only trouble is, most Californians don't know about them.

Batteries are here for Californians, but homeowners are missing out image

Earlier this summer, we sent out a survey to 1,000 California residents to better understand how people were thinking (or not thinking)about energy storage. We found that 24% didn't know about the specific benefits of home batteries and 34% of respondents hadn't even heard of them!

Additionally, 78% were unaware of the incentives available through California's Self-Generation Incentive Program (a tiered tranche of funds reserved for energy storage) - $2,000 off the cost of each battery. And a whopping 80% didn't realize they could claim a 30% federal tax credit on their battery system through the Inflation Reduction Act.

It's not exactly surprising that these benefits have gone unnoticed. No one is making viral TikToks about energy subsidies (yet). But it is a big missed opportunity. Battery storage is an essential tool for homeowners to deal with rising energy costs and increasingly intense climate events.

Wildfires, in particular, offer an especially compelling reason to consider batteries. Roughly half of the most destructive wildfires in California's history are attributed to the electrical infrastructure. To prevent spread, utility companies will proactively cut power to electric lines, which means more outages.

As the fire season stretches longer and longer, securing access to backup power is becoming less of a luxury and more a necessity. Despite this, nearly 69% of our survey respondents said they don’t have any preparations in place in the event of a wildfire in their area, including backup power, creating evacuation plans, and preparing their home to be less of a fire risk.

With Haven, homeowners can secure their maximum savings on a battery system and unlock 24/7 backup power and year-round energy savings.

Here's a snapshot of how some our customers are using their Haven systems:


Haven handles every step of the process of getting energy storage - from choosing the right battery to system design, financing, installation, and ongoing support. After installation, we also help customers earn extra cash by enrolling them in our Demand Response Program. This allows homeowners to sell their extra stored energy back to the grid during times of high demand.

There's never been a better time to get a free estimate on your future home battery system. (Spread the word.)

Survey methodology

This survey was conducted July 6-10, 2023 by Haven Energy online through AYTM among 1,000 adults 18+ located in California.


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