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Power your home.
Power the grid.
Get paid.

Earn with a battery through Haven's Demand Response Program

Earn guaranteed income

When electricity demand is high and the electric grid is struggling, Haven draws power from your battery – exporting stored energy to the grid and paying you at least $125/ year in return.

Support a cleaner grid

Your battery will join others in our virtual power plant, providing stored energy to the grid during demand response events. This reduces the need for natural gas “peaker” plants and speeds the transition to a cleaner electric grid.

Keep the lights on

When you share your stored energy with the grid, you help prevent blackouts in your neighborhood. At the same time, we make sure your home is the first to be powered, keeping reserve capacity and always planning around possible outages.

The next generation of the grid is coming

Today’s electric grid isn’t working anymore

We can’t count on centralized power plants and aging transmission lines to deliver reliable power. And depending on fossil fuels isn’t sustainable. As our demand for energy continues to climb, we’re going to need a better grid.

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In the future, energy will be clean, distributed and resilient

The era of depending on utility monopolies is ending. Solar and wind are rapidly overtaking coal and gas plants as the main sources of electricity generation in America. They produce zero emissions and can be highly distributed. Rooftop solar puts electricity generation in your house so that you can make your own power.

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We need batteries to make it happen

Batteries store electricity and allow us to use it at a later time, when time-of-use rates are high, for example, or during outages. During a demand response event, your battery will join others in Haven's virtual power plant to help relieve the grid, powering your neighborhood and making you extra money at the same time.

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How batteries power the grid

Your home battery is ready

Your battery has charged from the grid or from surplus solar. This stored energy can be used to back up your home during outages or as a power source in a demand response event.

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What to expect


Enroll now

All homeowners in select California utilities can enroll in Haven's Demand Response Program and be a part of our virtual power plant.


Sit back and relax

We'll take care of optimizing your battery during demand response events and planning around outages and weather events.


Do good. Get paid.

Enrolling in our Demand Response Program helps reduce the need for dirty natural gas "peaker" plants and earns you $125 a year.