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The good (battery) life

Break free from your utility company

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Stop paying so much

Your battery charges when rates are low and powers your home when they go sky-high

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Power through it all

Utility shut-offs, wildfires, even bomb cyclones – your battery keeps your home humming 24/7

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Be self-sufficient

Store your extra solar energy during the day to power your home at night

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How batteries work

How do batteries store energy?

Your battery stores energy from the grid or from excess solar power. You can then use this saved up energy when there is an outage or when electricity prices are high.

Can I add a battery to solar?

Adding a home battery to solar helps you save money and avoid outages, and Haven makes it easy to do. We work with all providers and can design a storage solution to fit your needs.

What happens during an outage?

Your battery instantly disconnects you from the grid and start powering your home. When your system detects that grid power has been restored, it reconnects your home to the grid.

Meet your Haven system

We offer flexible financing and help you take advantage of all available incentives and rebates. We’ll do the paperwork, too.

Price before incentives:

Starting at:

$11,700 or $168/mo

Price with 30% federal tax credit:

Starting at:


What's included:

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    Top-rated battery + hardware
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    Local permits + engineering plans
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    Fast, friendly installation
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    Two-year service warranty
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    10-15 year battery warranty
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    Ongoing energy management

Our recommended batteries

Note: the average CA home uses 27 kWh

tesla powerwall 3 battery

Tesla Powerwall 3

Usable Capacity

13.5 kW


130 kg / 287 lbs

Continuous Output

11.5 kWh


10 yr

franklin whole home battery


Usable Capacity

13.6 kW


185 kg / 408 lbs

Continuous Output

5 kWh


12 yr

enphase 5P battery

Enphase 5P

Usable Capacity

5 kW


66.3 kg / 146.1 lbs

Continuous Output

3.84 kWh


15 yr

We’ll recommend a battery based on your needs and design a system to meet your energy goals. We have a wide inventory and certified electricians on call.

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