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How Haven works

Our approach

Expertise at every step

Work with the best in energy, from system designers to highly-vetted and certified electricians

Inventory on demand

Secure top-rated solar and battery hardware without the wait and a seamless, stress-free installation

Responsive service

Get a dedicated project manager to deliver detailed updates on your install and ongoing system support

Our process

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    Free consultation

    We kick off every Haven project with a free consultation to understand your specifiic energy needs and goals.

    Typical questions we’ll ask:

    • How big is your home?
    • Do you have solar panels?
    • What is your average monthly energy usage?
    • Which major appliances would you like to back up?
    • What does your electrical setup look like?

    Estimated time: 30 minutes

    Schedule your free consultation Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm PT

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    Personalized quote

    We’ll ask you for a recent utility bill and a few photos showing your electrical setup and your preferred location for your batteries. Having an accurate snapshot of your home and energy needs helps us plan a smooth installation and prevents delays.

    What’s inside your quote:

    • Recommended system with brand and number of batteries
    • Projected savings on electric bill
    • Total out-of-pocket cost after incentives, savings, and financing

    Estimated time: 24 hours

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    Full-service installation

    We work with energy experts to make sure your battery system is installed perfectly and expediently. And we stay in close contact with you at every step so you’re always in the loop.

    Let us do the heavy lifting:

    • Engineering plans for your desired system: 1 week
    • City permits for approved plans: 3 to 4 weeks
    • Installation planned around your schedule: a few days
    • Coordinating an inspection by city, once system is operational
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    Your power, optimized

    Once your battery is installed, we’ll make sure your home is powered, protected, and fully optimized. Backup power is just the beginning.

    We’ll help you make the most of your battery:

    • Set time-of-use schedules to optimize your energy usage for lower bills every month
    • Connect your backup reserve to weather alerts so you always have power in case of an emergency
    • Get rewarded for using your battery during demand response events

    Estimated time: A few hours (the day after installation)

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Get the best price on a battery, guaranteed.