Why we built this

April 12, 2023

Team Haven

We’re on a mission to build a cleaner and more resilient energy future by making it easy for people to get 24/7 backup power, save on electric bills, and dramatically lower their carbon emissions. Meet your future home battery system.

Why we built this image

When you install a home battery system with Haven, you no longer need to rely on a single source of electricity. This means you can switch to your battery for backup power during emergencies and put an end to outages. With an aging grid and more climate-related weather events (we see you, atmospheric rivers!), home batteries deliver something priceless – energy independence and peace of mind.

Home batteries also come with major economic and environmental advantages.

Right now, people tend to pay more for electricity when they need it most, between 4pm and 9pm – the priciest time-of-use period. In contrast, a battery system from Haven will charge and store electricity when rates are low, then switch to battery power when rates go up. Customers will see lower monthly utility bills and energy savings year-round.

For the climate, the collective impact of doing this is massive. As more households automatically tap in their batteries during peak periods, cities won't need to use dirty "peaker plants" to meet demand. This translates to cleaner air for everyone. And better sunsets.

Homeowners with solar can add battery storage and further reduce emissions as they're able to store self-generated renewable energy to power their homes, no grid required.

With all these benefits, home battery systems should be much more common. But until now, the process for getting one has been a mess of red tape and wrong turns. You might be able to buy a battery, but finding an electrician to install it could take weeks. Or you might get stuck trying to secure the right permits or financing. And even after your battery is installed, another DIY journey lurks: how to optimize it so you get the best performance and savings?

With Haven, homeowners are guaranteed a simple, turnkey service for energy storage. Anyone who wants backup power can get started with just a few clicks and one very relaxed phone call.

We take care of every step in the process – from choosing the right home battery to system design, financing, and installation. This includes locking in the lowest possible price on a battery system by maximizing every tax credit, incentive, and rebate available.

Once your Haven battery is up and running, we provide ongoing support for any system or service maintenance and continually optimize your system to adapt to weather and grid activity. We also help our customers generate extra income through grid services programs.

Today, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform how we use energy and how we impact the planet. Our work at Haven is to turn this opportunity into reality – empowering people with 24/7 backup power, year-round savings, and a meaningful way to reduce their carbon footprint.

Ready to put more power in your hands? Get a free estimate for your future home battery system.