We made a tiny world

April 27, 2023

Natasha Yeoman

The first time I tried to tell someone how home batteries work, I got one minute into explaining time-of-use rates before their eyes glazed over and they said, "So it's like a generator?" I decided to share this video instead:

We made a tiny world

To tell the story of Haven, we made a tiny world. Well, a tiny neighborhood. There we were able to bring backup power to life and show how a battery charges during the day, when electricity is cheaper, then powers your home in the evening when rates go up. With the help of a tiny, shiny sunbather, we illuminated the benefits of installing a battery if you already have solar. Californians, more on this here.

Our vision for a clean energy future starts at home, with how we use energy every day. Practically speaking, this means having reliable backup power, lower electric bills, and a way to dramatically reduce carbon emissions. Sounds good, right?

Make your home a Haven. Get a quote for your future home battery here or schedule a call with one of our energy specialists.