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Refer a friend.
Split $1,000.

Welcome to Haven Referrals, an easy way to earn extra cash and lower your battery cost. Just tell your friends about us and if they get a Haven system, youll each make $500. Score.

Tell your friends about your battery

Your Haven battery system has real benefits, so tell your friends about them. Batteries prevent power outages. They lower electric bills. And if your friend has solar, they can store their extra solar energy in a battery during the day and power their home at night. Genius.

Want to refer a friend to Haven? Fill out the form below and well say hello.

Get paid by Haven

Once your friend decides to get a battery system from Haven (and makes it official with a contract), you'll each receive $500. Remember, your friend needs to share your name and email address with us for you both to get paid.

Terms and conditions apply.

Two things to remember

Neighbors make great referrals

Landscapers. Pest control. Babysitters. People love to share recommendations. And helping your neighbor get a home battery can make the biggest difference. Show them the light (and share the rewards).

Batteries help people save money

In California, electric utility prices have increased by 38% since 2019. Having a home battery can help people fight back. Here’s how it works. When time-of-use rates are high, a Haven home will switch to battery power and then charge up when rates are low.

Here’s a snapshot of how your friend could save money every month, just like the Garcia family:

The Garcia family is saving $95 a month

Home size

2,500 sq ft

Battery system installed

One 13.6 kWh battery for essential appliances + pool

Est backup time

36+ hrs of backup

Total savings


Based on a real Haven customer. Your friend's individual electric bill savings may vary based on their home's size and energy needs.

“Haven did an exceptional job adding two Franklin solar batteries to our home. They were very knowledgeable and responsive, answered all our questions promptly and were easy to communicate with. The process was seamless.”

Mike J. | Manhattan Beach

2 Franklin WH batteries, whole home backup

Testimonial image for Mike J. | Manhattan Beach
“Haven has been amazing to work with. Communication has been wonderful. They explained everything to me exactly, very organized and well prepared.”

Fred J. | Fountain Valley

1 LG battery, partial home backup

Testimonial image for Fred J. | Fountain Valley
“I'm in a high fire zone and wanted to make sure - especially when working from home - that life could go on in an outage. A home battery is a way to achieve both of those things—reducing monthly costs and adding security and reliability to my power.”

Mark K. | Topanga

1 Tesla battery, whole home backup

Testimonial image for Mark K. | Topanga
“The installation crew was very professional, even artistic, in the way they designed the connection of my Franklin battery and other components. I was happy with the entire operation.”

Dennis O. | Newbury Park

1 Franklin WH battery, partial home backup

Testimonial image for Dennis O. | Newbury Park
“I've had solar panels since 2015 and wanted to get batteries sometime in the future. I received a flyer from Haven Energy and took a chance. Extremely happy with the service and end product. Great company!”

Jackie W. | Fontana

2 Tesla Powerwall batteries, partial home backup

Testimonial image for Jackie W. | Fontana
“Haven provided a battery backup for my existing solar panels. I was very happy with the whole process, from initial contact through installation. They were professional, concise and responsive. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to install a battery system.”

Peter H. | Soquel

1 Franklin WH battery, partial home backup

Testimonial image for Peter H. | Soquel